The three competitor classes below have been created for the purpose of separating drivers into appropriate categories. This is exercised through driver skill/ experience level and vehicle modification. Please strictly abide by the rules for each class (Tuner, Racer and Street) if you are competing in our events to ensure that all competitors can compete in a safe and respectful environment.

TUNER CLASS information

( WTAC Clubsprint Class )

Tuner Class follows the same rules as WTAC Clubsprint class with a few slight adjustments. Our Tuner Class allows the use of R-Compound tyres and no restriction on brands.

RACEr class information

( WTAC Open Class )

Racer Class follows the same rules as WTAC with one slight adjustment. Our Racer Class has no restriction on tyre brands. All other Racer Class rules as per WTAC Open class rules.


Street Class is an entry level class for those wanting to compete on the track in cars with minimal modifications. Driver skills and vehicle setup will be more important in this class.

Tuner and Racer Classes are based upon the World Time Attack Technical Regulations to ensure consistency in Time Attack Regulations in Australia.

Reproduced with permission from Ian Baker.