What's the minimum requirement to join?
  • Competition Drivers Club (CDC) membership – $40.
  • Cams license level 2 speed – $140.
  • ITA event entry fee – $175 track night / $245 track day.
  • WA Time Attack entry fee – $TBC street class / $TBC tuner & racer classes.
Does my car have to be licensed / registered?
  • No. Your car does not need to be licensed / registered.
  • No open wheelers allowed.
Are there any basic vehicle requirements?
  • 1KG fire extinguisher properly mounted (no cable ties).
  • Tow point stickers – Front and rear.
  • Battery location sticker.
Are passengers allowed?
  • ITA track events – Yes. Passengers are allowed.
  • WA Time Attack events – Strictly no passengers allowed due to our insurance policy restrictions.
Are other car clubs allowed?
  • ITA track events – No. We run under single cams car club permit – Our nominated club is CDC.
  • WA Time Attack track events – Yes. Other car clubs are allowed.
What is the attire requirement?
  • Helmet with AS/NZS 1698 standard sticker (motor cross helmets not allowed).
  • Long Pants.
  • Long sleeves.
  • Fully enclosed shoes.
What is the format of the race?
  • Fully timed laps with Natsoft – Results will be live on the day.
  • 5 laps in total – 1 warm up lap, 3 hot laps and 1 cool down lap.
  • 1 lap usually ranges from 1 minute to 1.20 minutes.
  • Timing gear will be installed on every vehicle prior to the race starting and removed after the race.
Do I need to have track experience?
  • No experience needed to drive Infinite series track events.
  • Perfect for beginners who want to start tracking their car.
  • A good platform for those who want to start getting into motorsport.
  • We have professional instructors on site who have been instructing for years – free of
    charge and ready to guide you at anytime.
  • Experience only essential for WA Time Attack events.