Infinite Time Attack established by KYP Performance House on 2nd January 2017.

Infinite Time Attack is a non profit organisation based in Western Australia. We run time attack track days for Western Australia Car enthusiast. We provide a platform for the community to learn more about their cars and at the same time enjoy what they build, in a closed and safe environment. We have proper driving instructors with great experience to enhance drivers ability to drive on the track. We run this event to keep the motorsport community active in Western Australia. Our focus is more on street built cars and serious time attack cars.


Since No Limit Events is no longer available, we decided to take over and host events for people to continue to race in Western Australia. We have been working in the performance car industry for more than 18years, so we decided, why not put our knowledge into practice, build a couple of track car, and also host event for public to join and race with us. That is where it all started.

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