Infinite Time Attack 23rd:

February 2017

Inaugural Track Event held by Infinite Time Attack at Barbagallo Raceway, Western Australia. Driver interviews, Introductory info to Infinite Time Attack track events and highlight reel for the evening included in this video.

Infinite Time Attack 23rd:

March 2017

Infinite Time Attack track event held in March. Highlight reel and veteran driver interviews by the Ng couple, Joseph & Michelle.

Infinite Time Attack 20th:

April 2017

3rd event at Barbagallo Raceway, organized by Infinite Time Attack. This time with interviews from one of ITA’s main sponsor, Eurospec Automotion and also an interview with Perth’s Premium Auto Sport Club.

Infinite Time Attack 27th:

May 2017

4th Infinite Time Attack track event, this time under the bright, clear sky. Will a warmer track help keep tyres grippy throughout the day? or will the warm ambient temperature & strong Sun adversely affect the machines? Either way, it’s another adrenaline-filled track event with a special appearance by an unlikely track vehicle…

Infinite Time Attack 24th:

June 2017

Another day time track event organized by Infinite Time Attack. A good mix of car models on track, stock or modified, front-wheel, rear-wheel, all-wheel handled by drivers with different levels of experience. Yes, even newcomers are welcomed as there are instructors on site to show the ropes. Todd Zani of Star Payment Systems guest stars for the driver’s interview.

Infinite Time Attack 24th:

August 2017

Night time track event organized by Infinite Time Attack, with interview by Ben Pang of KYP Performance House, the founder of Infinite Time Attack.

Infinite Time Attack 16th:

September 2017

Spring is back with a full list of cars ready to take advantage of the clear skies and warm track!

Infinite Time Attack 19th:

October 2017

Warm night, hot engines, blazing rotors. 🚗🔥

Infinite Time Attack 16th:

November 2017

Another night event filled with fuel, flames, sweet scent of corn and burning rubber!